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New Album Herculadium Out January 2022

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Austin Galante


Independent artist Austin Galante was a front man for the “spazzed out punk rap” band Bad Fathers, which MTV gave kudos to when they created buzz on Vans' Warped Tour by donning loincloths during their pulse-pounding shows. Check out the info below for Austin’s Hip hop and EDM music solo project.

Austin Galante’s new Album “Herculadium” just released 2022

New single “Cocoa” features: Young Buck from 50 cents group G-Unit,

Cocoa link:

Herculadium also features 2022 Grammy Nominee Jeff Ryon, Sum Killa, and Rahlan Kay,

5 music videos have been released for the album Herculadium.

Austin is soon to release new songs and videos featuring Canibus, Grammy nominee Yuckmouth, Tragedy Khadafi, and Swifty McVay of D-12 (Eminem’s project group)


Austin Galante’s notable accomplishments:

· Song “Bragging Rights” with Grammy award-winning artist Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley and Goodie Mob

· Song “Corinthian Leather” with Slim Kid Tre of the legendary hip-hop group Pharcyde


· Three independent, full-length, self-produced albums


· One American tour, including 21 dates on Vans' Warped Tour


· Song “Instruments of War” with Grammy Winner DJ #0 of Slipknot


· Song “Independent Living Remix with Dizzy Wright, Swizz and Hopsin”


· Song “Evolution is Outdated Ft. Blue Print of Rhymesayers, and Illogic, Produced by Russian producer DJ Vadim”


· His song “Guess What Daddy Wants,” earned placement in the 2008 MGM film “College” , Song “Hurting” earned placement in Ronnie Romero’s wakeboarding flick “UPDOG.” and he has appeared on numerous college radio charts including Record Breakers, Rap attacklives and Insomniac.

Herculadium Album cover  darker sm correct.jpg
  1. An original and eclectic album by Austin Galante, Herculadium spans the gambit and mashes styles the whole way through. There might be something for everybody, and still it mostly all works. Certainly not everyone will like this album though. It definitely has its fair share of foul language and raunchy subject matters. Even with all that it has plenty of conscious moments. Austin does do a good job of not just sticking to the same subject, but there are definitely more than a few metaphors for sex. This album is laced with subtle cleverness in the lyrics. If you enjoy Hip hop, Rap, EDM, and maybe some Electro styles with singing and rapping; you should check it out.-

  2. Austin Galante was the front man of the band Bad Fathers. With "Cocoa" the multi-talented artist, who has been working more on hip-hop and EDM music and video solo projects lately, delivers a really fresh-sounding, humorous cross-genre track with charming rap vocals and an over-the-top Muppet video clips. Check! ­– Tonspion

  3. Daily Dose featured song (Dopamine Dumptruck

  4. Dope Visual bro, I love it.


  1. What is most interesting about this album is the way it synthesizes hip hop, R&B and rock into something different. The backing tracks are closer texturally to electronic music along the lines of Boards of Canada, which, combined with electric guitar, puts the songs in a stylistic no-man’s land, in a good way. -


  1. This is an interesting and intriguing album, in which the creator in a good style breathed a new life into the already rather hackneyed and somewhat forgotten genre. Additionally, this album can captivate simultaneously with the sound juiciness. And in a way, addict too.
    The artist is experimenting and he is not afraid to push the designated boundaries, dosing at appropriate times both dubstep as long as individual rock pieces too. The record is polished; strongly noticeable is the fact that there was nothing left to a chance. ­–


  1. “one the most original albums we've heard in a while.Mixing the free-for-all fun of punk rock with the street sensibility of hip-hop and sexy swagger of reggae. An amusing, sarcastic and intelligent project. Check our favorites, "On Fire" and "The Titty Fuck Song."       -URBMagazine



  1. Best Songs,The Titty Fuck Song, Bragging Rights, On Fire, Kith Me On The Lisp…Similar artists The Neptunes, The Joe beats Experiment, Ordinary People..” -



  1. "Who could have imagined that the next potential ground-breaking sound would come from Iowa of all places?" --


  1. "In the tradition of the notorious Iggy Pop, Axl Rose, and Tommy Lee; comes hip hop’s own bad boys." --


  8.    “Who says the Midwest isn’t rockin’ it.” -ATAK Worlwide



  1. It’s exactly the album you’d expect to be bangin’ around 10 or 11pm at some college party since it has those types of lyrics that you could hear any preppy chick getting drunk and slurring.”


  1. Considering this LP was born from the depths of their living room studio, they deserve some serious credit and hopefully some more exposure in the very near future.”


  1. Too Fat to Strip, released on the vinyl single Swallow For Iowa, has been charting as high as # 1 on several US radio charts including, Insomniac, and Record Breakers.



  1. Tongue in cheek song about the underlying tone of our society and this unspoken sense so many people seem to have about their future expectations of becoming rich and or famous without regard for those who are without. Based on the quote by John Steinbeck
    “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” –


  1. Income inequality, the history behind growing and selling marijuana in the US, and the value of independent thought are predominate themes on Austin Galante’s newly released The Law of Truly Large Numbers. –


  1. Austin produced and directed videos for several singles on the collection and each track expresses viewpoints on various topics you might find on the legal pad of progressive liberal or just the average millennial.Subjects range to anything from social democracy, the military, the second amendment, weed, religion and much more. –


  1. The underlying themes of this album seems to be lust, attraction, love, loss and the intense emotions of a relationship but instead of dealing with such topics in the clichéd pop and ballad way, Cat of Nine Tales’ take on them is dark and twisted. The music on this album can be referred to as being moody instead of depressing and is certainly recommended to those who have a basic knowledge of the Trip - Hop genre. –


  1. Austin has performed shows such as 21 dates on The Warped Tour, 3 showcases at SXSW, Deluna Fest, Sunset Strip Music Festival, Midwest Mission Creek Festival. He has opened for Cee Lo Green, Steel Panther, Bush, Micheal Franti and Spearhead, 30 Seconds to Mars and many more. –

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Iowa City

Los Angeles

Portland, USA

Now In Madison, WI.



Hip Hop, E.D.M., Electro Rock, Trip hop


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Bad Fathers, Silk Duck, Juan Hooks





Marshmellow Napalm Records

Rosemary Records


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